Cape Coral, What to do About Protected Species

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It’s no wonder that the Waterfront Wonderland city that is Cape Coral in Florida also has another thing to boast. Paired with the sunny weather of Florida making it a beautiful paradise, it also has protected wildlife. 

  gopher tortoise 
You can find gopher tortoises, bald eagles, and burrowing owls! These beautiful animals are living peacefully in some areas of Cape Coral and you may also find them just in your backyard. But don’t worry they don’t pose as a threat but it is important to know what to do if you’re thinking of moving over to the Cape Coral area.

  • If there will be construction, burrows within the construction limits will be identified and marked by volunteers from the Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife
  • The species habitats will be monitored during construction by Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife
  • Contractors are required to inspect the project areas on a continuing basis for species occupancy.
  • All staging areas must b free of species’ habitat and approved prior to construction activity.
  • On-site visits to observe burrowing owls and gopher tortoise burrows are conducted routinely.
  • Protected species posters and pamphlets are distributed to construction crews and are posted in all of the contractors’ construction trailers.

  bald eagle

Part of the beauty of Cape Coral is its wildlife and so it’s important to live in harmony with them. If you are a homeowner that loves animals and are looking forward to living in Cape Coral then you can check out the Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife website to learn more about what you can do to preserve and protect these beautiful animals. 

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