26 Fall Activities

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Tis the season for pumpkin spice and everything nice! While Fall is here, let us enjoy it to the fullest with activities for friends, family, and self. 

Today we have decided to do The Alphabet of Fall Activities. With 26 letters in the American Alphabet, we have listed an activity for each letter! 

  1. Apple Picking 
  2. Beach Volleyball 
  3. Carve pumpkins 
  4. Drink hot cocoa and tell scary stories 
  5. Eat, Eat and Eat with friends and family 
  6. Flag Football 
  7. Golfing 
  8. Halloween Costumes Competition 
  9. Indoor Go-Karting 
  10. Jump in leaves over and over again
  11. Knit a blanket for someone 
  12. Learn a new line dance 
  13. Movie night in the backyard 
  14. Night in with a private chief 
  15. October Fest at your favorite Pumpkin Patch 
  16. Pumpkin Pie Contest 
  17. Q-Tip art and crafts 
  18. Road trip! 
  19. Smores by the fire pit 
  20. Trick or treat
  21. Unplug and enjoy nature 
  22. Volunteer with community organizations 
  23. Winery with your special someone 
  24. Xtreme Sports adult activities
  25. Yoga outdoors 
  26. Ziplining 

Just like that, we made it through A-Z! We hope you enjoyed and found something to do this Fall; let us know how we did and if you partake in any of these activities.